Minimalis Biaya Renovasi Rumah

Biaya Renovasi Rumah

The ability to save costs can be the key to success to build a house renovation or low cost. There are a lot of loopholes to save the cost of renovation or building a house. One of the material cost. Technology building materials continues to grow also help provide a lot of alternatives. Most come with a higher price, but practical as well as saving time and energy. Others present at affordable prices, although the quality is slightly lower. The decision rests with you to determine the type of materials to be used. If in doubt, ask for help from an architect or contractor experienced like to give a reference. Info material from brochures or the internet is also quite helpful.

For example, the wall material is now not only limited to the brick. In addition to concrete, or brick red brick there is also light. Bata light is relatively more expensive than brick. But if visiting in the workmanship, light brick almost 2-fold faster than the installed brick. This can reduce the cost of builders.

Another example is in the form of vinyl flooring. Vinyl has a variety of motives, ranging from floral to wood. Compared with parquet wood, sheet vinyl with similar motifs can be cheaper by up to 50%. However, the durability of vinyl is not as good as parquet. In addition, there are many examples of alternative materials, such as concrete cast, instant cement, metal roofing sheets, steel frame and roof. These materials can save time for the installation easier.

Besides replacement material, how to save money can be made with the creation of finishing. Exposed brick walls in the house proved to save cost funds in the form of a plaster wall and acian. Finishing concrete floor is also cheaper than the tile floor. As a hedge, bamboo is also cheaper than concrete or wrought iron.

Beyond the material, how to save funds for the renovation is done by determining the time of renovation. The time is right for a large-scale renovation is near the end of the rainy season, when the rain was still coming down with little intensity. At that time, when they’re doing masonry, brick ties between the more powerful because of the damp. If too dry, masonry newly built just easy to crack. when the roof started the work has entered the dry season. Finishing work is not hampered after rain.

In terms of layout, can save costs by reducing the amount of space between partitions. Spaces that are in the public zone, such as a living room, family room and dining room can be designed in one room only. Negating 1 wall with negate the foundation, sloop, brick, the better, to plaster and paint the walls.

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