inquiries to Ask earlier than Hiring a Videographer for your wedding ceremony

inquiries to Ask before Hiring a Videographer in your wedding ceremony – part 1

Your wedding ceremony will be particular. there’ll in no way be any other ceremony and reception precisely like yours. Your wedding video may also be unique, however not entirely due to the individuality of your wedding ceremony and reception. With many videography groups to pick out from, you’ve got extensive versatility in designing your video, each in content material and style. there are many options to be had so one can choose from today for your video that had been now not to be had just a few years ago. by means of making a few choices in advance regarding what’s vital to you to your video, you will be able to choose the videographer and video alternatives in an effort to give you the video that’s ideal for you best videographer . Bridal magazines and wedding ceremony making plans books have lists of inquiries to ask your videographer. the ones are all critical questions and need to certainly be asked. however for the most component, the ones questions relate to the commercial enterprise itself and no longer to the production of the video. We answer the ones “FAQ” questions for Video Adventures right here. however, the questions discussed on this 3-part article relate no longer to the video manufacturing business enterprise, however to what is going to in the end be at the video: the content, and the fashion.
these questions fall into three classes:


1) Onsite insurance (hour’s onsite, variety of videographers, styles of cameras, audio, and so forth.)

2) Video content material (length, production style, greater segments, and many others.)

3) Video shipping (DVD, Blu-ray, Flash pressure, stay Streaming, net, difficult drive, Tape, Video Books, and many others.)

how many Hours should i’ve the Videographer Onsite?

The videographer is generally onsite from an hour or more prior to the ceremony thru the departure or shriveled time. but, a few brides will level a departure early to capture it at the video with a purpose to reduce the number of hours the videographer is onsite. have to i have a 2nd or maybe a 3rd videographer? in that case, for what number of hours? while you switch to face every other to mention your vows, the videographer will generally be in a function to get a near-up of your face. With one videographer from that position, it is not possible to get any other attitude or near-up shot of the groom’s face. two points of view are continually better as most live television indicates use many cameras. A 2nd videographer would be placed to get a one-of-a-kind angle including directly down the aisle or of the groom’s face. For the reception, a 2nd videographer is beneficial for first dance, parent dances, and so forth. For the toasts and cake cutting, a second videographer will provide photographs from a unique angle within the event a few visitors step into the first videographer’s shot. What approximately a 3rd videographer? Many excessive-end wedding ceremony film manufacturing corporations use a third videographer for his or her most fulfilling product line. a third videographer will generally be unfastened to searching for out and movie photographs that would otherwise be overlooked by means of the alternative cameras; such as the mother of the bride’s response for the duration of the bride/father dance, etc.

need to i have My wedding Filmed in high Definition?

most all TVs purchased nowadays are excessive Definition. an increasing number of videographers are filming in high Definition by using default now. however be conscious that some nevertheless simplest movie in older fashionable definition layout. this is simply a question that need to be requested. if you do now not have a Blu-ray participant, why must you care about high Definition on your wedding video? sometime within the destiny, you’ll have excessive definition capability in your own home enjoyment middle. while a marriage is filmed in high Definition, it can still be added in wellknown DVD format. So we will offer both or each preferred DVD and Blu-ray. we are able to constantly film in high Definition.

inquiries to Ask earlier than Hiring a Videographer on your wedding ceremony – part 2

What Do I need My ‘important Video’ to appear to be?

as soon as the wedding and reception had been filmed, the following choice you may make is what you want your “major video” to appear like. The term “wedding ceremony film” or “wedding video” has a big variety of definitions for period, content, and style. Videographers vary significantly in what they supply. it’s miles very important to choose a videographer that promises the fashion, content material, and period you are envisioning for your video.

for many years, the concept of a “wedding ceremony video” changed into a 2-three hour video of “the whole thing”. essentially, it consisted of minimally-edited photos normally from a stationary camera installation on the rite/reception that consists of dead time, etc. wherein a few videographers may still offer this fashion, most expert videographers now offer a much shorter, edited highlights video as the primary video plus non-obligatory additional longer, secondary videos of various activities of the day as chosen by way of the bride.

despite the fact that maximum videographers now offer a highlights video as the primary video, there are nevertheless extensive ranging definitions of a “highlights” video based on fashion, duration, and cost.

We provide two fundamental patterns for video: Documentary fashion and Cinematic style.

Documentary (additionally called Journalistic) style can nice be described as “no frills, as-it-took place” style. the sole goal with this fashion is to surely report the event. real audio is normally used. Documentary fashion is used for entire rite insurance, entire toasts, and many others.

Cinematic fashion is more creative and artistic, the usage of video, audio, voice-overs, and tune to tell a story. slow movement, fast movement, brief cuts edited to the beat of the track, black and white, gentle cognizance, fades, and different film fashion techniques are employed to create a movie tale.


it’s miles essential to be aware that period does no longer necessarily same fine. In reality, in many instances, the shorter videos are the very best quality and most entertaining. It takes little talent to “allow the digicam roll”, perform minimal enhancing, and replica it to a DVD. Longer videos, even for a “highlights video”, tend to lose the target audience speedy. There are exceptions. but a compelling 7-10 minute creative, interesting video that holds the target market’s attention is regularly much extra effective than a 45 minute to at least one hour video. however, it’s miles nevertheless critical for lots brides/grooms and families to have the longer model of all of the events documented and produced as nicely. however those movies may be separate menu objects on the DVD that can be regarded optionally in addition to the shorter “primary/highlights video”.


developing an emotional, inventive video that tells a tale in a compelling way calls for skills, skill, experience, and a large amount of enhancing time. better give up wedding ceremony filmmakers offer a top rate highlights film that makes use of the top abilities and expertise of their employer, and meaning a better rate.

some videographers are strictly documentary fashion and typically supply the longer, documentary-style non-stop movies. Others are strictly cinematic fashion and usually supply short, very inventive video, but are not equipped to supply the longer, documentary-fashion secondary videos to accompany the highlights video. And different videographers, together with Video Adventures, offer both styles.

Which fashion is right for you? First, bear in mind who might be watching your video, both now and within the future. we’ve got determined that there are three varieties of audiences to be able to be watching your video:

1) You and your spouse, your parents, your grandparents, your youngsters, your grandchildren, your brilliant grandchildren. they will need to look at the highlights and also will want to have the additional documentary secondary video segments, such as entire ceremony, complete Toasts, extended special Dances (1st Dance / discern Dances), and so on.

2) Your close buddies, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and so on. they’ll also need to look at the highlights video, and probably a few, however now not all the documentary segments of their entirety.

3) Your “facebook pals”, co-employees, and so on. those humans will handiest be inquisitive about a brief highlights video.

once you’ve got decided what’s proper for you, you may are seeking out a videographer that produces a video that suits your needs.

inquiries to Ask before Hiring a Videographer in your wedding – part 3
within the previous articles, i have included the style of alternatives which are to be had nowadays within the wedding enterprise from videographers. In this text, i’m able to gift the services from Video Adventures and speak how they suit into the various patterns and alternatives mentioned previously.

We presently provide fundamental fashion of wedding ceremony movie manufacturing: Documentary fashion and Cinematic style.

Documentary fashion wedding ceremony movies are shot with one digital camera, single point of view inside the maximum part. they’re simple edits in a documentary style that cover the entire rite or the whole ceremony and reception. they are less costly than our Cinematic style packages however offer entire coverage of what you request to your wedding ceremony film.

Cinematic fashion wedding ceremony movies are a chunk more worried in that we are able to use 2 to a few cameras for the ceremony and usually 2 for the duration of the reception. We shoot to edit like a motion photo so the editing is a massive technique and can take over forty hours to edit in a few cases. but the stop results are akin to watching your favored Hollywood movie.

both patterns can be complete-form or brief-form or even each.

We presently have numerous set packages of each style however usually can help you recognize that we will personalize any bundle to fit your needs. And we’ve a protracted listing of video upgrades you could add to expand your wedding ceremony film revel in. which includes: wedding Invitation Video, the wedding Love tale, save the Date, the wedding tune Video, the spotlight Reel just to name some. take a look at out on our internet site for greater facts.

Video shipping

Years ago, there was one manner to supply your video, and that become a VHS tape. things have changed drastically through the years. together with DVDs, we now can deliver on Blu-ray discs, Flash Drives, to YouTube, iTunes downloads, stay internet streaming and others. And there’s little threat involved in guaranteeing a prediction that there may be a completely new and exclusive format in some years. how will you need your wedding ceremony film delivered? maximum videographers will produce DVDs. but is that all you may want? DVDs can not reproduce the full great of a movie that was filmed in high definition. Even gambling a video on a laptop display will offer better best than a primary DVD.

needs might also range for shipping of the video. Many couples need, as an instance, a Blu-ray disc for themselves, DVDs for their parents, on line films for their pals, and videos they could load onto their cell device to carry with them. other couples have out-of-town household or friends which are unable to wait the wedding, due to journey or fitness troubles, and would like them so that it will watch their wedding ceremony because it happens, stay movement over the internet is an answer.

Video Adventures has a huge variety of services to address just about each requirement for handing over your video. considering that we continually shoot in high definition, we will supply on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. we will host your whole video on our servers to your out-of-town friends and family to view. we will load your wedding on your iPad, iPhone etc. And if you want your pals and own family that couldn’t attend your wedding to look at it live, we additionally offer stay net streaming of your rite.

selecting a Videographer for your wedding ceremony

As you studies videographers to discover the right one to movie your wedding ceremony, you may probably find out that videographers range significantly in lots of regions. here’s a summary of the questions we trust you must ask any videographer you’re thinking about.

what is the style and duration of the completed product?

are you able to modify content of their posted applications to better meet your particular wishes?

how many videographers do they’ve to be had for filming?

what number of weddings have they filmed? revel in does count.

Do they’ve appropriate digicam device a good way to film lengthy activities along with the whole ceremony?

what number of cameras can be used for filming the ceremony?

Do they have wi-fi audio device to seize the vows?

Do they have extra audio gadget to seize the readers, soloists and musicians?

Are they 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 and respected within the wedding ceremony enterprise?

Are they willing to offer you multiple references from current weddings that you may contact?

Are they on desired supplier lists at respected wedding venues?

Do different wedding ceremony companies, which include photographers, refer them?

How tons will the video cost?

I put “How tons will the video cost?” as the final question because you clearly shouldn’t be judging your wedding film based on just the fee. value is important to you but as records has proven us, your wedding movie will soon turn out to be a precious circle of relatives heirloom this is sincerely valuable. and what kind of are your as soon as-in-a-lifetime stories actually worth?

Video Adventures has been in business for over 25 years and has filmed one hundred’s of weddings. we have obtained severa awards through the years. we are on favored seller lists at many venues across the Temecula Valley and during Southern California and frequently receive referrals from photographers, DJs and florists as well as from the venues.

We would like to have the privilege of filming your wedding ceremony and producing a movie which you, your children, your grandchildren, your exquisite-grandchildren will treasure as circle of relatives records. contact us right here and schedule an appointment with us to speak about your precise, as soon as-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony movie.