How To differentiate between fake and accurate AVX tantalum capacitor?

At the moment, SMD tantalum capacitor reproductions available on avx authorized distributors the market possess a selection that was great, usually could be divided in to the next such that was many. This are usually more fake a big change is, simple to differentiate! The 07 year previous year, altering the tag for 12 years it’d become 12 years of the cost that is new! VISHAY well known, tantalum capacitors above the bottom year, for instance WD for 08 decades. SMD tantalum capacitors: the same would be to shine what up and above, this really is a glance at the welding toes is visible, the welding base kemet tantalum capacitor distributor may be the same! KEMET This content is really as long as 0.5 yuan, was renamed to yuan following the cost of chip capacitors, I believe this simply utilized only a little wise, don’t wait the function. But prepared or straight.

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Tantalum MnO2 tantalum polymer capacitor, two tantalum capacitors. America often tantalum capacitor is orange, while China is clearly love with shade dark and impartial efficiency. High-frequency features of plastic tantalum capacitor is great, the cost is more costly and you will place the area products aside, consider the within the reel, the strip above possibly every 30CM possess an SMD tantalum capacitor gravure, search cautiously about the look-out. However now isn’t the recording technology that is phony. (understand that 08 decades have SMD tantalum capacitors within the gravure, 08 decades prior to the unique products aren’t heavy) is just a small consider the substance itself, writing is , obvious, gleaming, actually, flag that is constant form.

So just how to recognize the actual phony tantalum capacitor is critical. The initial SMD tantalum capacitor could be from three elements to recognize: welding toes: cathode base and unique SMD tantalum capacitor anode for u-shape as cathode, that will be concave, instead of using the anode. You are able to visit tear off the SMD tantalum capacitor label, the initial could be quickly split off label, simply no issue (I actually donot understand how much tear within the organization, definitely not poor), phony usually label themselves up, the document is common, therefore place the fundamental tear down tear easily rip.

Sure there are certainly a large amount of buddies may request, because the two types of tantalum capacitor advances so large, so the efficiency space, may we begin to see the artwork are about the little soybean (Japanis tantalum capacitor is usually little black-beans), then how can we all know attention gold?

Broker that is KEMET

Tantalum polymer series product-line KEMET lengthy, T52X (T520 525 T528) sequence, and series are along with plastic tantalum capacitor, capacitor tantalum several types of people, reputation is just a frustration.

If he capacitor when the design card having a little vegetable is only going to be AVX items. The AVX product-line in mere among the TCJ series is just a tantalum polymer capacitor (see below), focus on electric information possess a small EMBLEM like the word “A”, which presents the merchandise of AVX organization, as well as in 476 the figures following a T term, with respect to the TCJ series. It’s stated that if you discover the term A in soybean EMBLEM that was little noticed a large “T” then it’s probable that plastic tantalum capacitor AVX. Nevertheless, TCJ series’ efficiency isn’t really perfect, the cost is extremely large, so it’s seldom utilized in design cards, we focus.

KO presents the plastic capacitor of items that are KEMET, the 157 presents 150UF’s capability, addressing 6 of voltage down is 6V, alongside the lengthy China like term “area” is clearly the K id number, on account of KEMET. The next 512 presents the manufacturing day may be 2005’s week. Our consumers’ most crucial is “KO” both of these characters with respect to one, two phrases to purchase processes with tantalum capacitor that is poly.