6 Customer Service Lessons from Amazon CEO Jeff

The modern results from the yank client pride index famous amazon.Com because the reigning and undisputed champ in both internet retailing and across the whole department in usual patron satisfaction amazon customer service.


Amazon ceo, jeff bezos possibly extra than any business leader has taken the philosophy of truly caring for the customer and ushered it into the digital era. Bezos has constructed a corporation from the floor up in simple terms based off of the unbending, unyielding philosophy of serving the purchaser across all departments. With a 164 million amazon customers, few could argue bezos as the important thing architect of constructing an true, consumer-centric employer.
1. Don’t just concentrate in your clients, recognize them

“everyone has with the intention to work in a name middle.”

As part of a training consultation every 12 months, jeff bezos asks hundreds of amazon managers, which includes himself, to ­attend days of call-middle education. Most probable this turned into a doctrine borrowed from the u.S. Marines as all marines, no matter rank, are trained to be a rifleman first. Despite the fact that, the inducement right here is for managers to right away be located within the mind-set that amazon’s philosophy is ready listening, and most importantly, information the patron. It’s clean to listen to customers. However the first step of every worker have to be to recognize them and their wishes to be able to efficiently higher the employer.
2. Serve the desires of the consumer

“we’re now not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed. We begin with what the purchaser wishes and we work backwards.”

The kindle tablet came into lifestyles only defined via customers’ dreams as opposed to engineers’ alternatives and personal alternatives amazon customer service number. What changed into extremely good became that bezos hardly ever faltered in growing a product constructed for the purchaser even after it took years to assemble the right hardware. One finance govt specifically learned speedy of his philosophy when he requested bezos how much he turned into prepared to spend at the kindle venture, wherein the ceo quick answered: “how a good deal can we have?”

Enterprise leaders ought to never stray from the general truth that the consumer pays the wages at your business enterprise (an old henry ford quote) decide what they want and paintings to serve them. Throughout the next evaluation of a services or products crew, prevent considering how you may make the product or organization higher and start considering how you can make your clients extra a success.

3. The empty chair: the most crucial character inside the room

“focusing on the patron makes a organization more resilient.”

Even for the duration of the fledgling days of amazon, bezos labored hard to establish the philosophy of a enterprise that obsesses over their customers from top to backside. An amazing parent that used to continually set the tone of his conferences become “the empty chair.” early on, bezos added an empty chair into meetings and knowledgeable his pinnacle executives that they ought to keep in mind that seat occupied through their purchaser, “the maximum critical person inside the room.” at some stage in these meetings, a extraordinary weight turned into hung on all choices as the invisible however clean presence of the consumer changed into constantly accounted for.
4. In no way settle for ninety nine%

“we’re not happy until it’s a hundred%.”

Inside the december of 2011, jeff bezos changed into “very proud” that amazon turned into able to hit the unfathomable intention of delivering his promise to get programs to ninety nine.9% of his clients earlier than christmas. No small feat transporting tens of millions of programs global and lacking their mark on a handful of deliveries in only some, short nights. To bezos, though, there’s nevertheless room for improvement as he said: “we’re no longer glad till it’s 100%.”

As your customer service group keeps aiming to hit response time dreams to clients and improve pride scores never accept ninety nine% – usually shoot for one hundred. In these days’s age, customers are speaking to one another and are referring organizations that provide a greater fine patron revel in. And they’re paying extra to make certain this (simply study amazon).

5. Respect these days’s purchaser

“in case you make customers sad within the bodily global, they could every tell six buddies. If you make customers sad at the net, they are able to each inform 6,000.”

as one of the original ecommerce pioneers, there may be little argument that bezos firmly understands the authority of nowadays’s purchaser. Nowadays’s client is listening to peers, learning closely online and posting proceedings on social media – converting the whole thing enterprise proprietors concept they knew about client relationships.

Put inside the paintings and studies so you fully recognize your consumer base and by no means take them as a right. Reputable brands have fallen high from their perches due to poorly mishandled situations in coping with an sad consumer. Make certain to have a clean and concise plan with the way you deal with awful critiques or complaints from customers (it’s going to take place). Notably else, regardless of how frustrated you may be with a client who takes a complaint to the net, in no way fail to reply and always say thank you.
6. Try to create a patron-centric organization

“if we will arrange matters in this kind of manner that our interests are aligned with our customers, then inside the long term with the intention to exercise session honestly properly for clients and it’s going to workout clearly well for amazon customer services.”

One important curiosity that remains is that of all of the exceptional customer service that amazon provides, it nonetheless doesn’t give an explanation for why they’re making billions of greenbacks in income each sector. Similar agencies like costco and target reveal their global-elegance customer support as well—but their blended market capitalization trails amazon’s by means of $ninety eight billion.