desain rumah klasik

Desain Rumah Klasik Elegan

Desain Rumah Klasik dan Elegan

The facade of the classical style has its own advantages, which is eternal, time is not consumed. The classic style makes it looks elegant looks. The classic form seen in the window as well as the head and foot columns balcony. Design is present in lines up to a more modest facade generated feels lighter. This impression is reinforced by the fact that the selection of colors effective modern, the gray and white.

Not only the classic forms alone, the proportion of classical architectural composition of the facade of the house. The classical style of the past is represented by the ornament is a classic European-style applications. Color maroon upholstery adjust color finishing crimson. meanwhile, the color green moss as guidelines to strengthen the character of the classic style of a bygone era.

Shades of Tropical East Mediterranean

Typical mediterranean building is the dominant form of pyramid-roofed buildings with low slope (flat roof) and almost all had to go through the walls finished with natural stone. Touch a unique accent in the form of holes visible on the facade ornamentation itself. Another characteristic that identifies the Mediterranean is the portico and a canopy that shaded the porch and windows as well as the emergence of forms of tower that serves as the air.

Exotic Ethnic Theme Java

Ethnic style has a very distinctive look, for example, ethnic Javanese. The elements of this style, such as the shape, material, color, pattern, ornament and provide a warm atmosphere, exotic, sometimes mysterious, ethnic Javanese style is really reflected in every element, partitions, and other trinkets.

Nuance Neoclassical

This form can be seen from the composition of elements fully symmetrical. This concept is offset by the dominance of the eaves and wide row of windows for air circulation. The facade is dominated by ivory and chocolate and decorated with stone cladding sandstone mixed with stone carvings on stone mocha cream and profiles on lispang.

modern Contemporary

The style is modern contemporary features high ceilings, double-height ceilings, and ceiling systems using the following system outboard ceiling paste that follows the slope of the roof, so that the space in the effective relief. Effects of modern contemporary look totally by selecting a material mix of wood, meta, and glass in the form of a fantastic game, and bold colors.

Retro Art Deco

Art deco style emerged early in 1925. The form does not have intricate detail, and embrace cubism with geometric shapes such as cubes, circles, triangles, a line that cuts and simple. Material plywood is widely used to produce circular or curved shapes. Alloys other materials are leather, glass, metal and chrome. The color is pale and neutral like beige, beige, lime green, gold and chrome used for the soft furnishings. Some of the art deco style can be seen in the building relic turkey.

American Country

Style derived from this American country style is very typical, visible forms of dynamic and natural, so far from being rigid or cold, curved shapes, as well as decorative ornaments.

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desain rumah

Desain Rumah Tropis dan Minimalis

Desain Rumah

As a place to stay, the house is very personal. Therefore, any step fun house can reflect the person that lived in it.

A. Nuance Tropical (MODERN)

The facade of a modern tropical style with architectural elements typical of the shield building roof, the size of openings which are made to achieve a high ceiling, and the size of tritisan wide roof to withstand the heat of the sun. As the composition of the facade is designed with massive walls and wide windows. The shape of the roof also strengthen the shield-type effect tropics. Wood materials to be enough highlighted elements, as well as natural stone that decorate most walls further clarify the impact of tropical.

B. White Minimalist

You are a fan of minimalist design? The facade of the building should be able to reflect keminimalisan you want to create. The concept of minimalism is going on right now. The principle form follow function that can be interpreted as a form follows function, minimalist style has answers to the needs of a modern society that wants a simple design, clean and practical.

Keep in mind that the concept of minimalism should be removed all ornaments and decorations redundant, because it is not necessary. View this design impressed to be honest, it is, and not complicated. In addition, residential embrace this concept seemed sterile, neat, and cool like a hospital or office.

The facade of a building is usually a minimalist box. Design house box is what brings cold and sterile effect on the concept of minimalist. To create the impression of a warm and comfortable, it can be a sloping roof on the house box.

Owners of residential land in a limited generally encounter obstacles when trying to create an impression of space or relieved. However, with the facade design as simple as possible we can get a wider impact. Elimination of architectural elements that are added to the selection of ornamental color that dominates skin facade makes this small house from the outside looks relieved. Wall mountains overlooking the path not only to give effect, but also the elements that express the effect of a tropical residence. Grid-kis and wooden doors leading to the garden is designed to soften the appearance of the facade is white and minimalist.

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biaya renovasi rumah

Minimalis Biaya Renovasi Rumah

Biaya Renovasi Rumah

The ability to save costs can be the key to success to build a house renovation or low cost. There are a lot of loopholes to save the cost of renovation or building a house. One of the material cost. Technology building materials continues to grow also help provide a lot of alternatives. Most come with a higher price, but practical as well as saving time and energy. Others present at affordable prices, although the quality is slightly lower. The decision rests with you to determine the type of materials to be used. If in doubt, ask for help from an architect or contractor experienced like to give a reference. Info material from brochures or the internet is also quite helpful.

For example, the wall material is now not only limited to the brick. In addition to concrete, or brick red brick there is also light. Bata light is relatively more expensive than brick. But if visiting in the workmanship, light brick almost 2-fold faster than the installed brick. This can reduce the cost of builders.

Another example is in the form of vinyl flooring. Vinyl has a variety of motives, ranging from floral to wood. Compared with parquet wood, sheet vinyl with similar motifs can be cheaper by up to 50%. However, the durability of vinyl is not as good as parquet. In addition, there are many examples of alternative materials, such as concrete cast, instant cement, metal roofing sheets, steel frame and roof. These materials can save time for the installation easier.

Besides replacement material, how to save money can be made with the creation of finishing. Exposed brick walls in the house proved to save cost funds in the form of a plaster wall and acian. Finishing concrete floor is also cheaper than the tile floor. As a hedge, bamboo is also cheaper than concrete or wrought iron.

Beyond the material, how to save funds for the renovation is done by determining the time of renovation. The time is right for a large-scale renovation is near the end of the rainy season, when the rain was still coming down with little intensity. At that time, when they’re doing masonry, brick ties between the more powerful because of the damp. If too dry, masonry newly built just easy to crack. when the roof started the work has entered the dry season. Finishing work is not hampered after rain.

In terms of layout, can save costs by reducing the amount of space between partitions. Spaces that are in the public zone, such as a living room, family room and dining room can be designed in one room only. Negating 1 wall with negate the foundation, sloop, brick, the better, to plaster and paint the walls.

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cara renovasi rumah

Cara Renovasi Rumah

Renovasi Rumah

Renovating the house is more complex than building a new home. Each stage of the renovation that began to dismantle, clean, need to rebuild planned for maximum results. During the renovation, homeowners sometimes faced problems both technical and non-technical. In order to minimize these problems, consider the following tips this.

1. Determine Priority

Make a priority area where renovated in advance, especially if funds are limited. Make sure you renovate the space really needed, not just desirable.

2. Create a drawing

Pictures of work is needed in the process of renovation. Armed with drawings, stage of renovation can be done with a massage and appropriate. Pictures work also serves to control the use of materials and save time.

3. Observe existing condition

Find out the condition of the building was demolished before. Note the position of the installation, such as water pipes, waste pipes, cables and pipes. The position of the structure and dimensions should also be investigated. This is useful as a guide in starting renovations.

4. Calculate the required funds

when the work has been obtained, the estimated RAB can then be calculated. With proper calculation, you can choose which ones need to be left out if burdened with costs in excess of the fund.

5. Create a work calendar

Plan to start and end the renovations need to be made in 1 calendar work. That way, you can determine whether the duration of the renovation are in the right time or even interfere with other planned activities.

6. Select a competent craftsman

Last competent and costly is better than amateur photographers with costs now significantly cheaper. Skills and neatness of work to make the renovation process is completed quickly with good results in the future so that no new problems arise.

7. Maximize space

During the renovation, move goods in 1 area that is easily accessible. 1 Prepare a place to store material that is easy to control. If the renovation is done on a large scale, you should find a place to stay while being close.

8. Select material instant

If you want a quick renovation is complete, choose material that can be easily installed instant and done. Such instant cement, concrete blocks, gypsum board, and vinyl flooring.

9. Ask permission to neighbors

In the process of renovation will occur or noise pollution caused by the building work. Therefore, ask for permission to neighbors. Try building waste does not pollute the neighbor’s yard so the renovation process to avoid interference of non-technical.

10. Save the waste material

After the renovation is complete, a good store building materials and tools. Clean the material before it is stored in order to remain durable and can be used in the future. Get rid of material that can not be saved in the long term, such as cement and paint.

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desain rumah cantik dan modern

Desain Rumah Cantik

Desain Rumah

Design is an early picture of the house or building. The most important concept in the plan to build a house or home renovation is desain.Desain divided into 2 design looks and design of the room. The design looks facades or will determine the outcome of the building looks out over a beautiful, beautiful, unique, luxurious, and social factors determining who has home. While the design of the room will make the people who inhabit the house more comfortable and at ease in the room itself.

Our employees are experts will offer the overall design of your home to make it look more beautiful, beautiful, and unique look outside and will make you more comfortable than ever when you are in the room.

Design Looks / Facades

design Simple
Minimalist design
Luxury design
design Rukos
design office
design Villa
design Office
design Contract

Interior Design / Room

Design Workspace
design Room
Dining Room Design
Design Family Room
Design Lounge
Design Bedroom

Exterior Design / Outdoor Column

Swimming Pool Design
design Gazebo
Fence design
Landscape design
Carport design

The design is simple house with a simple concept that adapts to the land and building houses approximately. The simple design does not look cheap and old-fashioned but still looks elegant and simple, the design is usually a simple solution for those who have a limited budget and adjust.

The design emphasizes the concept of minimalist practical lightweight and efficient in the execution room and other forms. The minimalist design concept is minimalist yet modern look. The minimalist design is the design of the most in demand by today’s society.

Desain Rumah Mewah
The design emphasizes the concept of luxury that looks fancy or pretentious visible from the outside and have a lot of patterns or lines that make very large and magnificent. The design emphasizes the concept of luxury mediterranean, modern, magnificent, and many other concepts
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jasa bangun rumah

Jasa Bangun Rumah

Jasa Bangun Rumah Murah Terpercaya

Have House is everybody’s dream, those who do not have a home to advance to rent a house or rented house, the student or students usually called the cost of the house.

To create your own home there is a purchase of a home is the developer or other housing terpercaya.atau there are also people who will realize the dream or ambition to make a new home built from scratch with good design in accordance with the desired shape. Services to build a house as a cheap offer up a new home costs in accordance with the funds already prepared in advance, or to adjust the budget plan at a lower cost than other contractors.

Various Price Up New Home Services offered starts at 3 million per m2 up to 5 million per m2 with material tailored. the price offered includes building materials and services to be completed in accordance with RAB and design houses offered previously.

Services to build a house that’s reliable and high-quality professionals in the works since 1995 and has built hundreds of homes, offices, shops, restaurants and other buildings.

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Bangun Rumah

Services Build Houses cheap and reliable since 1998 promotes fairness and transparency in the work. Professionals working in the assisted dozens of experts who have built hundreds of buildings or houses in Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi.

Services We are wholesale services and materials from early development through to completion so that clients do not bother thinking about dizziness and to finish building the house or impiannya.Langkah be done to put our house up services are:

Contact us sms / call / livechat
We survey the location for free
We provide details on RAB, the design of the house is in
Approval of the contract of employment
Preparatory work early (from our cost)
Development to complete.

Please refer to the prices of services and materials we submitted under this

Build Home Minimalist / Standard

Specifications: Price 3jt / m2

Foundation: chicken claws, stone
Structure: steel 6/8/10
Wall: Brick light / Hebel
Frame: Wood meranti
Ceramics: Asian tile 30 × 30
Cat: Vinilex
Roof: Mild steel
Roofing: Roofing press
Bathroom: Standard Toto
Doors: Doors Doble plywood / Ships
Windows: Wood Window sills and Quality Standards + 5mm Glass

Details on the estimated per square meter. Price Includes Services and Materials. Prices subject to change after the survey to adjust the location and when there is a specific building materials used. The price starts from start to finish building no additional outside RAB (estimated cost of the plan)

Build House Secondary / Quality

Specifications: Price 3,5jt / m2

Foundation: chicken claws, stone
Structure: Steel concrete 6/8/10
Walls: brick red / Hebel
Frame: camphor wood / aluminum
Ceramics: Granite china EX 60 × 60
Sanitation: Toto Standard / American Standard
Ceiling: Frame + Gypsum Hollow Ex. Elephant
Cat: Mowilex / Dulux
Roof: Aluminum foil + Bajaringan
Roofing: M-class / Kia
Doors: Aluminum Powder Coating frame and plywood doors Doble
Window: Window sills and aluminum Powder Coating Glass 6mm +

Details on the estimated per square meter. Price Includes Services and Materials. Prices subject to change after the survey to adjust the location and when there is a specific building materials used. The price starts from start to finish building no additional outside RAB (estimated cost of the plan)

Build Luxury Homes

Specifications: 5m Price / m2

Foundation: chicken claws
Structure: Concrete steel 6/8/10/13
Walls: brick red / Hebel
Frame: Camphor Wood
Ceramics: Granite 60 × 60/40 × 40 Roman
Sanitation: Ex Toto
Elektrical: Cable eterna / Broco
Ceiling: Frame galvanized / board 9mm Jaya
Paint: Dulux / Mowilex
Roof: Mild steel / aluminum foil
Roofing: M-class
Door: Solid aluminum frame doors Doble Engineering and plywood
Window: UPVC window frames and Solid Engineering + 6mm glass

Details on the estimated per square meter. Price Includes Services and Materials. Prices subject to change after the survey to adjust the location and when there is a specific building materials used. The price starts from start to finish building no additional outside RAB (estimated cost of the plan)

renovasi rumah

Jasa Renovasi Rumah

Jasa Renovasi Rumah

House Renovation handle the renovation work of the building indoor and outdoor, among others, building roof, carport, kitchen, room, pool, ceiling, Sanitary, Gate, Living Fences yard, garden, and more. We can also help you to do home renovations with selected partners with the best price and reliable.

Type of renovation work includes replacement of the old house with a new or change the form and function of the house.

Services Home Improvement Offers a reliable and proven job we recommend contacting . Hundreds of houses have been completed in 1995.

It should be prepared in the home renovation is one of cost, design houses, design houses, renovated room.

The cost is usually about home remodeling is slightly more expensive than a new home built, because there will be a work room or dismantle old buildings to be renovated recently.

Type of home renovation work that was done by the

Changing the components of the house
Replacing ceramic floors
Replacing wall tiles
Replacing the roof
replace ceiling
Replacing doors and windows
Changing looks ahead
Changing paint / repainting
Changes in the shape and function of the building house
Making space
Making Car Port
Making Garage
Manufacturing Floor 2
Making roof rack
Making Kitchen Set
installation of the canopy
expanding space

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